By Rick Hautala

Claire McMullen is simply a standard girl -- until eventually you examine her lengthy, appealing bright-red hair. She has a role she hates, a roommate she tolerates, and she or he spends her weekend nights bar-hopping, searching for her "Mr. Right." One chilly, wet evening she meets Samael -- tall, darkish, good-looking and wealthy -- and a romance blossoms. Claire thinks she could have discovered her soulmate -- till Samael informs Claire that he's truly a demon.

Can Claire belief a demon's claims of actual love-or is he simply plotting after her immortal soul? Can a demon even think real love, and if so...

What are the results of one of these love for either Hell and Heaven?

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77 One might expect to find that a little of this perfume rubbed off on ghosts from heaven, but descriptions of ghost odour are rare until the evidential material produced by spiritualism. The latter development may explain the popularity of noxious and perfumed ghosts in Victorian and Edwardian ghost literature. In Wilkie Collins’s short novel The Haunted Hotel (1878) a playwright who is planning to write a ghost drama remarks to himself, ‘a terrible smell from an invisible ghost is a perfectly new idea.

Some were headless. Many possessed abnormally large fiery eyes, often described as being as ‘big as saucers’. A good example of this type of spirit beast was that seen in January 1878 by the inhabitants of Baldock, Hertfordshire. Large numbers gathered nightly to witness the haunting of a house at the top of the high street, causing Police Constable William Tripp some trouble in keeping the road open to traffic. 122 In early modern accounts, black dog spirits were usually overtly diabolic. Pamphlets told of a sulphurous-smelling, headless black bear that manhandled a Somerset woman in 1584, and a large, coal-coloured dog that haunted and disrupted the house of an Oxfordshire gentleman in 1591–92.

69 Sometimes this feeling heralds an apparition and other times it constitutes the entire haunting episode. The experience does not necessarily cause unease. 70 Considering the psychological and environmental basis for the sensation, it is likely that it is neither culturally nor historically exclusive. Sometimes the presence of a ghost was beyond the detection of human senses. It was a long-held belief that flames turned blue when spirits were around. There is a reference to the notion in Richard III, when the king observes, ‘The lights burn blue’, heralding the appearance of a succession of ghosts.

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