By Alfred D. Low

After the breakup of the Habsburg monarchy, Austrians of various political persuasions became fast towards Anschluss with the recent German Republic. among international Wars I & II the Anschluss move figured huge at the horizon of eu heritage. Its ''fulfillment'' in 1938, while Hitler included Austria into Germany, instantly undermined the soundness & peace of Europe & the realm. A 12 months & a part after Austria's absorption into the better Reich, Europe used to be aflame. the topic of this examine is the early postwar Anschluss flow of 1918-1919, led through Austria's Socialists. Illustrations.

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Freedom qua the untied band is, of course, another name for the Fall: if the band were not disconnected, we would have the harmonious 'great chain of being', the teleological order running from inanimate matter through animals to the ethereal angelic selfless Spirits bathing in their bliss. The vision of a state of reconciliation in which the natural progress (the gradual spiritualization of nature) would fulfil itself, reach its peak, find its completion in the full predominance of the ideal principle - in which, that is, corporeality would get rid of its inertia and transform itself into an ethereal medium of the shining of Spirit - is thus a fantasy which obfuscates the fact that the World of Spirits has to remain for ever a spectral apparition; that the barrier which separates it from our terrestrial reality is insurmountable.

I . )IV, ... I' This tension in the midst of the Absolute itself is, therefore, far more enigmatic an it may appear, since it is thoroughly incompatible with . the 0I,>I,>0sluons which define the space of traditional ontology: the oppos �t�on between Ground and Existence does not overlap with the oppositIOn between mere possibility and actuality (if it did, Ground �ould �ot corrode the self-identity of actual Existence from within ) ; it IS not Simply a new name for the duality of the Real and the Ideal in Schelling's early �hilosophy - that is, for the symmetrical polarity of two .

HIs IS the level of utilitarianism: in his behaviour, man follows the , . fel IClfic calculus' , so if one knows and is able to manipulate stimuli . whIch arouse pleasure or pain, one can control his behaviour and thus dominate him. '82 Verstand is man's intellect as active, as the power of active seizing and deciding by means of which man asserb himself as a fully autonomous Subject; however, man reaches his acme when he turns his very subjectivity into the Predicate of an ever higher Power (in the mathematical sense of the term) - when he, as it were, � ;r � k 68 Verstand, Reason and Understanding, which plays a crucial role in German Idealism: ' Vernunft is nothing but Verstand in its subordination 69 THE I NDIVISIBLE R E M AI N D E R yields to the Other, 'depersonalizes' his most intense aCtiVity and performs it as if some other, higher Power is acting through him, using him as its medium - like an artist who, in the highest frenzy of creativity , experiences himself as a medium through which some more substanti al, impersonal Power expresses itself.

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