By George S Fichter

В книге содержится информация о млекопитающих со всего мира - огромные киты, летающие ночью летучие мыши, медведи, тигры, слоны, обезьяны и более 2 hundred других животных.

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Stochastic Processes in the Neurosciences

This monograph is founded on quantitative research of nerve-cell habit. The paintings is foundational, with many better order difficulties nonetheless ultimate, particularly in reference to neural networks. completely addressed subject matters contain stochastic difficulties in neurobiology, and the therapy of the speculation of comparable Markov approaches.

Ontogeny, Functional Ecology, and Evolution of Bats

The examine of animal improvement has deep ancient roots in codifying the sector of evolutionary biology. within the Nineteen Forties, evolutionary idea grew to become engulfed by way of microevolutionary genetic research and improvement turned fascinated with mechanisms, leaving behind the evolutionary implications of ontogeny. lately, ontogeny has resurfaced as an important part of evolutionary switch, inhabitants, and neighborhood dynamics.

Fertilization Mechanisms in Man and Mammals

Fertilization in mammals regularly happens in the oviduct, the place it truly is fairly inaccessible to check. even if, because of painstaking learn, such a lot of it conducted during the last 5 years, this barrier to experimentation has been principally triumph over through the improvement of in vitro fertilization recommendations for a minimum of eleven diverse species, together with guy.

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Small herds The yak and the musk-ox are two mem­ are kept today on a number of similarly bers of the cattle family that have adapted managed lands, and their numbers are to harsh , cold lands. The yak lives in the kept in check by controlled harvests. cold highlands of Tibet. These animals have been domesticated and are the main source of meat and milk for the people of Tibet. They are also used by them as beasts of burden . The musk-ox lives in northern Canada and Greenland . Like the yak, it has a long, shaggy coat that protects it from rain, snow, and the bitter cold .

An experienced hunter might kill as many as a hundred animals in a day, but he left most of each carcass to rot on the prairie . Early in the 1 8 80's, after less than 50 years of hunting, most of it in a short period following the Civil War, the bison was facing extinction. From 60 million, their population had been reduced to an estimated 1 ,000 or so animals . Six hun­ dred of these were herded onto a gov­ Musk-ox ernment reservation. There, fortunately, they bred and prospered. Small herds The yak and the musk-ox are two mem­ are kept today on a number of similarly bers of the cattle family that have adapted managed lands, and their numbers are to harsh , cold lands.

The gray mongoose is known for its fearless attacks on cobras. It agitates the deadly snake to strike and then dodges. As the cobra's head strikes the ground, the mongoose moves in quickly to grab the reptile by the head and kill it. Mongooses are valued as rat exterminators in some areas. Skunk River Otter Wolverine Badger Mink 29 Cats are lithe, graceful carnivores that excellent hearing. The long whiskers typically spring on their prey. They use serve as sensitive feelers. Cats do not have their sharp, hooked claws to help hold as good a sense of smell as dogs have.

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