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Stochastic Processes in the Neurosciences

This monograph is based on quantitative research of nerve-cell habit. The paintings is foundational, with many better order difficulties nonetheless final, in particular in reference to neural networks. completely addressed themes contain stochastic difficulties in neurobiology, and the therapy of the speculation of similar Markov methods.

Ontogeny, Functional Ecology, and Evolution of Bats

The examine of animal improvement has deep historic roots in codifying the sphere of evolutionary biology. within the Nineteen Forties, evolutionary conception turned engulfed by way of microevolutionary genetic research and improvement grew to become desirous about mechanisms, abandoning the evolutionary implications of ontogeny. lately, ontogeny has resurfaced as an important portion of evolutionary swap, inhabitants, and neighborhood dynamics.

Fertilization Mechanisms in Man and Mammals

Fertilization in mammals as a rule happens in the oviduct, the place it truly is really inaccessible to check. even if, because of painstaking study, such a lot of it conducted during the last 5 years, this barrier to experimentation has been principally conquer through the advance of in vitro fertilization innovations for no less than eleven assorted species, together with guy.

Return to the Sea: The Life and Evolutionary Times of Marine Mammals

Go back to the ocean portrays the lifestyles and evolutionary occasions of marine mammals—from great whales and sea cows that originated fifty five million years in the past to the deep diving elephant seals and clam-eating walruses of contemporary occasions. This interesting account of the starting place of assorted marine mammal lineages, a few extinct, others extant yet threatened, is for the non-specialist.

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Some of these occur westward in the region only approximately to the margins of continuous hardwood forest, whereas others have pushed westward onto the prairies as dendritic segments along the major eastward­flowing river systems.  By carefully reading the distribution and habitat section of each species account, it is possible to place most mammals into one of these two assemblages, although there are several species that fit into both categories.  As a result of land­clearing operations in timbered regions, many open­land species have extended their distributions in recent times.

The opossum walks with the entire foot — heel, sole, and toes — resting on the ground.  Movement is practically negligible below a temperature of ­7° C, but opossums do not hibernate.  Home ranges are typically elongate instead of circular and often follow water courses, with considerable overlap among different individuals.  Opossums are highly opportunistic feeders, which undoubtedly contributes to their success.  The male straddles the female, clasping her hind legs with his hind feet and her nape with his jaws.

By carefully reading the distribution and habitat section of each species account, it is possible to place most mammals into one of these two assemblages, although there are several species that fit into both categories.  As a result of land­clearing operations in timbered regions, many open­land species have extended their distributions in recent times.  Across this vegetational gradient there is a gradual depletion of grassland and desert faunal elements and a concomitant increase in forest­dwelling mammals.

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