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Port Washington, ny

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He carried a roll of manuscript in his hand. Close behind these two came a young man of very striking countenance and demeanor, with deep thought and contemplation on his brow, and perhaps a nash of entllllsiasm in his eye. His garb, like that of his predecessors, was of an antique fashion, and there was a stain of blood upon his ruff. In the same group with these were three or four others, all men of dignity and evident command, and bearing themselves like: personages who were accustomed to the gaze of the multitude.

11 f . ~ in ~~: ' y~t ~ot too fa~tastic wrought embroidery of th k . sll eet' the delicately about her nec k. · e 5 ~rt; the broad gold chain ll11ous nng upon he fi ' fan, so exquisitely sculptured in r ulger: t 1le to rese mble pearl and ebon ~pen work and pamted his sober walk of life, hav~b~~;~~c coul~ :Orowne, in h t~e VISIOn here so matchlessly embodied 1 And tl eyes and around the I 1en er ace I In the dark a look made f v~ uptuous mouth there played ' up o pnde, CO

As he advanced in life, the young man adopted pine and oak as eligible materials for the display of his skill, which now began to bring him a return of solid silver as well as the empty praise that had been an apt reward enough for his productions of evanescent snow. He became noted for carving ornamental pump-heads, and wooden urns for gateposts, and decorations more grotesque than fanciful for mantel-pieces. No apothecary would have deemed himself in the way of obtaining customs without setting up a gilded mortar, if not a head of Galen or Hippocrates, from the skillful hand of Drowne.

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