By Peter Hunt, Lenz

This ebook offers an illuminating consultant to literature that creates substitute worlds for younger readers. concentrating on the paintings of Ursula Le Guin, Terry Pratchett and Philip Pullman, the booklet considers either the style of 'alternative worlds' and the individuality of those authors' texts, together with Philip Pullman's The Amber Sypglass. Peter Hunt is Pofessor of English at Cardiff college. Millicent Lenz is affiliate Professor on the nation collage of recent York at Albany.

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Is it, then, magical, or allegorical, or symbolic, or all of these? The Wind in the Willows emerges as a genuine escapist fantasy which demonstrates the impossibility of escape: here is a writer sublimating his fear of change and decay, of a Victorian world rapidly becoming unstable - with the labour movement, the women's movement, the motor car - creating a golden world which is, curiously, repressive in itself. Thus while it might be assumed to appeal to children because of its fantasy of anarchy and play, much of it may appeal more directly to nostalgic adults.

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This may not seem like one of the grand heroic narratives - but it is a question of scale, and, perhaps, gender. One difficulty of approaching the books has been summed up by Milne's biographer, Ann Thwaite: But after The Pooh Perplex, Frederick Crews's 1963 parody of a student casebook, one cannot attempt the most rudimentary criticism without seeming to be joking. After The Hierarchy of Heroism in Winnie-the-Pooh', and 'A la recherche du Pooh perdu' ... one's pen freezes in one's hand ... Perhaps the great Heffalump expedition really is a paradigm of colonialism?

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