By Jerome E. Kaufmann, Karen L. Schwitters

Make math a snap with ALGEBRA for students. utilizing daily language and plenty of examples, Kaufman and Schwitters help you follow algebra suggestions and ace the try. This quantity additionally comes with Interactive Skillbuilder CD-ROM. This software is filled with over eight hours of video guide to assist all of it make experience. Plus, you will get the robust web-based iLrn Homework software that makes your assignments a breeze. Get the grade you wish with ALGEBRA for college kids.

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Yuriko can type w words in an hour. What is her typing rate per minute? 53. Harry is y years old. His brother is 7 years less than twice as old as Harry. How old is Harry’s brother? 54. If n represents a multiple of 3, what represents the next largest multiple of 3? 55. Celia has p pennies, n nickels, and q quarters. How much, in cents, does Celia have? 56. The perimeter of a square is i inches. How long, in feet, is each side of the square? 57. The length of a rectangle is y yards and the width is f feet.

Multiplying Real Numbers We can interpret the multiplication of whole numbers as repeated addition. For example, 3 # 2 means three 2s; thus 3 # 2 ϭ 2 ϩ 2 ϩ 2 ϭ 6. This same repeatedaddition interpretation of multiplication can be used to find the product of a positive number and a negative number, as shown by the following examples. 2 Operations with Real Numbers 17 When we are multiplying whole numbers, the order in which we multiply two factors does not change the product. For example, 2(3) ϭ 6 and 3(2) ϭ 6.

20 3 ■ Simplify Ϫ24 Ϭ 4 ϩ 8(Ϫ5) Ϫ (Ϫ5)(3). 6(6 Ϫ 7)]. 5 E X A M P L E 8 ■ Simplify [3(Ϫ7) Ϫ 2(9)][5(Ϫ7) ϩ 3(9)]. 2 For Problems 1–50, perform the following operations with real numbers. 1. 8 ϩ (Ϫ15) 2. 9 ϩ (Ϫ18) 3. (Ϫ12) ϩ (Ϫ7) 4. (Ϫ7) ϩ (Ϫ14) 5. Ϫ8 Ϫ 14 6. Ϫ17 Ϫ 9 7. 9 Ϫ 16 8. 8 Ϫ 22 9. (Ϫ9)(Ϫ12) 10. (Ϫ6)(Ϫ13) 11. (5)(Ϫ14) 12. (Ϫ17)(4) 13. (Ϫ56) Ϭ (Ϫ4) 14. (Ϫ81) Ϭ (Ϫ3) 15. Ϫ112 16 17. Ϫ2 19. 4 3 7 ϩ5 8 8 1 1 Ϫ aϪ1 b 3 6 1 2 21. aϪ b a b 3 5 23. 1 1 Ϭ aϪ b 2 8 16. Ϫ75 5 1 4 18. Ϫ1 ϩ 3 5 5 20. 1 1 3 Ϫ aϪ5 b 12 4 1 22.

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