By Simon R. Green

A quest for the Unholy Grail-the goblet from which Judas drank on the final Supper-takes inner most eye John Taylor deep into the key, magical center of London...called the Nightside.

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However, Wegner’s research indicates that many adults continue to harbor such misconceptions even though they know that they should not think like this. For example, in games of chance such as gambling, people behave as if they have control when they don’t. They feel more confident about winning if they get to throw the dice. They prefer to bet before the dice are thrown rather than after. They think they are more likely to win the lottery if they choose the numbers, and so on. Such behavior would be utterly absurd if deep down we did not think that we have some influence over events.

Over the coming chapters, I will tell you unsavory facts about individuals that will repulse you and make you feel queasy. Such negative reactions reveal that we behave and think as if we can connect with others at a physical level. This in turn produces feelings and emotions that have real consequences for behavior. In some societies, we may force others to sit on different seats on a bus or keep a certain distance from contact. Segregation and apartheid have been the shameful attempts of some societies to instigate supernatural beliefs about the subjugated members of a group.

Even atheists tend to show revulsion at the idea of touching Fred West’s cardigan. If it’s true that our beliefs can be supernatural but unconnected to religion, then it must also be true that humans will not necessarily evolve into a rational species, because a mind designed for generating natural explanations also generates supernatural ones. News of the cardigan stunt and my comments spread like a virus across the world’s digital networks. I gave interview after interview, and the event generated web postings on both religious and secular sites with a mixture of ridicule and praise.

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