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1 Rev. 4-6, along with the other sections of the chapter (vv. 2 Those whom John sees sitting on the thrones (Rev. 4a) are none other than the resurrected overcomers who have been deemed worthy of receiving the authority to rule (Herrschaft) with Christ (cf. Dan. 22; Rev. 3 'Gog and Magog' (Rev. 21 indicates that 'no human survivors' will be left. Gog and Magog are therefore to be identified as all the demons of the abyss (and, just conceivably, the unresurrected dead). In other words, Rev. 4 Fiorenza compares the sequence of eschatological events in Revelation 19-22 (parousia, destruction of the earthly kingdoms, messianic kingdom, destruction of Satan, last judgment [Weltgericht], new world, City of God) with OT (Ezekiel, Daniel), 'old Jewish-nationalistic'5 and apocalyptic models 1.

3. The positive force of the connection between vv. 6 and 7 will be discussed in Chapter 7 below (on Rev. 7-10). 3. A-Temporal and Other Alternative Approaches 41 evidence needed for Fiorenza's contention about the interlude status of vv. 4-6 for v. ' Second, regarding point 2 above on Rev. 11-15, although it is indisputable that the emphasis in vv. 4-6 is on the verdict in favour of the martyrs, the present study will show that the double-edged character of the passage is also not to be missed.

And Schnackenburg does not shrink from admitting that, though it lies well beyond the scope of his own study, such an excursion into the complications of exegesis is necessary. 1 5. S. 1 Since Fiorenza presents the fullest argumentation for the a-temporal view she shares with Wikenhauser and Schnackenburg, it will be her version of that view to which a fuller appraisal will be given,3 The following questions serve to introduce Fiorenza's argument: Above all, why is there a thousand year reign of the resurrected, when the eternal reign of the eschatologically redeemed will be spoken of in Rev.

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