By Gerhard Resch, Viktor Gutmann (auth.), I. Bertini, L. Lunazzi, A. Dei (eds.)

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Handbook of Surface and Colloid Chemistry, Second Edition

The technological know-how of floor and colloid chemistry has been increasing at a speedy speed, leading to new components of improvement, extra functions, and extra theoretical and experimental info on comparable platforms. thoroughly revised and increased to mirror the very energetic all over the world study in this topic, this can be the definitive instruction manual for the chemistry of floor and colloidal platforms.

Analytical Chemistry Associated with the Destruction of Chemical Weapons

One of many significant difficulties linked to the disposal of chemical guns is that the brokers have degraded over the years, a few rather heavily. Detecting and choosing the goods of this decomposition are important must haves to the secure, whole and environmentally benign destruction of stockpiled guns.

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