By Craig S. Keener

Hugely revered New testomony student Craig Keener is understood for his meticulous and entire examine. This remark on Acts, his magnum opus, could be the greatest and such a lot completely documented Acts statement on hand. worthy not just for the learn of Acts but in addition early Christianity, this paintings units Acts in its first-century context.

In this quantity, the second one of 4, Keener keeps his distinct exegesis of Acts, using an remarkable variety of historical assets and supplying a wealth of clean insights. This magisterial remark should be a useful source for brand spanking new testomony professors and scholars, pastors, Acts students, and libraries.

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Jesus from Judaism to Christianity: Continuum Approaches to the Historical Jesus

One of many attribute objectives of the present section of historic Jesus examine, the so-called 3rd Quest, has been the intense try to find Jesus inside of first-century CE Judaism, to hunt a Jesus who will be stumbled on believable inside of his Jewish context. relatively much less emphasis has been laid at the query to whether or how the contextually believable photograph of Jesus additionally matches and debts for the heritage of the reception of Jesus in early Christianity.

A Postcolonial Commentary on the New Testament Writings

Given that its emergence many years in the past, postcolonial biblical feedback has witnessed rapid growth and improvement in Biblical Studies.  This serious method has been more and more utilized to biblical texts in addition to sleek and postmodern interpretations and interpreters of those texts, yielding an ever-growing physique of dissertations, scholarly articles, and volumes.

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Be Alert. Beware of the Religious Impostors

The realm is full of counterfeits. And the church isn't immune, as fake principles and doctrines can infect believers and congregations. So by way of non secular lecturers, messages, and routine, how will we inform truth from fiction? The solutions are present in 2 Peter, 2 & three John, and Jude, the place the apostles offer functional insights for discerning fact.

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Wom. Bride Brut. Busybody C. Mar. Caes. Cam. Cat. Min. Chance Cic. Cim. Cleverness Cleom. Comm. Conc. Comp. Alc. Cor. Comp. Arist. ) Agesilaus Alcibiades Alexander Letter of Consolation to Apollonius Aristides On Borrowing (That We Ought Not to Borrow) On Brotherly Love Bravery of Women Advice to Bride and Groom Brutus On Being a Busybody Caius Marius Caesar Camillus Cato Minor Chance Cicero Cimon Cleverness of Animals Cleomenes Against the Stoics on Common Conceptions Comparison of Alcibiades and Coriolanus Comparison of Aristides and Marcus Cato Comp.

Naph. Reub. Sim. Sol. Zeb. Tr. Shem Letter of Aristeas Lives of the Prophets[2] Martyrdom of Isaiah Odes of Solomon Prayer of Jacob Prayer of Joseph Pseudo-Eupolemus Pseudo-Phocylides Psalms of Solomon Sentences of the Syriac Menander Sibylline Oracles Similitudes of Enoch Epitome of the Syriac Menander Testament of Abraham (recensions A and B) Adam Asher Benjamin Dan Gad Issachar Jacob Job[3] Joseph Judah Levi Moses Naphtali Reuben Simeon Solomon Zebulun Treatise of Shem Dead Sea Scrolls and Related Texts DJD Les grottes de Murabba‘ât.

Cat. W. E. Sh. Her. Theog. D. Hierocles Fatherland Gods Love Marr. Parents Hippocr. Aff. Airs Aph. Barr. Wom. Dis. Ep. Epid. Fleshes Glands Heliodorus Ethiopian Story Heraclitus Epistles Heraclitus Homeric Problems Hermogenes Invention Issues Method in Forceful Speaking Progymnasmata Astronomy Catalogues of Women and Eoiae Shield of Heracles Theogony Works and Days Hierocles (the Stoic) On Duties: How to Conduct Oneself toward One’s Fatherland On Duties: How to Conduct Oneself toward the Gods On Duties: On Fraternal Love On Duties: On Marriage On Duties: How to Conduct Oneself toward One’s Parents Hippocrates Affections Airs, Waters, Places Aphorisms On Barren Women Diseases Epistles Epidemics Fleshes Glands Nat.

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