By Jillian Hunter

The English island known as Abandon, enshrouded in old legend, has been domestic to warriors in addition to captivating girls -- and none extra spellbinding than wonderful Morwenna Halliwell. made up our minds to struggle while Abandon is obtainable to the top bidder, Morwenna confronts the enemy: the Earl of Pentargon, Anthony Hartstone -- or "Lord Heart-of-Stone" as she indignantly calls him. but little does Morwenna detect she's going to quickly be compelled to marry the forbidding lord who holds her destiny in his powerful fingers. Anthony arrogantly dismisses Morwenna and her litany of lawsuits opposed to him -- all of the whereas interested in her good looks and braveness. but if probability confronts Morwenna, Anthony is aware he needs to name upon all his strength to guard the blameless omit he wants. it truly is as much as him to unmask the villain who threatens her, and in addition to persuade his bride that he's now not her opponent -- yet her so much passionate and committed admirer.

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Morwenna rose to face Anthony again, but he had turned to the doorway, focusing his attention on the tearful housekeeper Sir Dunstan had summoned from bed. ” His voice sounded so gentle that Morwenna caught her breath. “I want to ask you a question or two, then you may return to rest. Did you see the men who did this? ” She shook her head, weepy and fragile. “I came in the kitchen door and saw a figure all in black, my lord. Black hood, black cloak. He was talking to someone in the parlor, I think, but I only caught a glimpse of the one.

Oh, well, I might as well look for that cave. ” “I don’t think you should go, Elliott. ” He gave her a wistful smile. ” Anthony threw down his gloves on the library table, aware that an audience of at least four cats watched his every move. He guessed the creatures preferred this room because it was private and warm with the coal fire burning in the Gothic fireplace. It did not cross his mind that the cats liked him and craved his company. He went to sit in his chair, then stopped, noticing Ethan’s book on the seat.

Was it female instinct that warned her, Do not give in, or your soul will be lost to him? There was power in his eyes, his voice, a power that spoke to some secret part of her. “I tell you again, Miss Halliwell, I did not order my men to intimidate you, but the work must continue. For my peace of mind, I offer you the safety of the castle. ” “Well, my uncle—” He narrowed his eyes as she turned. ” His arrogant gaze swept over her, making her all too aware that he, unlike her uncle, was a man at the peak of his virility, capable of defending the entire island if he chose.

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