By Jiddu Krishnamurti, Allan W Anderson

At a time of remarkable outer switch within the political and social spheres, is there a basic internal swap that's demanded of every one in all us? within the eighteen dialogues with Professor Allan W Anderson, Emeritus Professor of non secular reports at San Diego nation college. J. Krishnamurti exhibits that pinning our hopes on geared up faith, technological know-how, political ideology or the marketplace economic system not just fails to handle simple human difficulties yet truly creates them. They method out of our problems, Krishnamurti states, can purely begin within the brain of every one among us, in an knowledge of ways we really understand lifestyles, ourselves and others. Professor Anderson, all through those dialogues, refers to many passages of Western and jap non secular scriptures that he believes were misunderstood and which in reality help Krishnamurti's statements. The dialogues, reproduced in an edited and a little abridged model during this ebook, came about at San diego country college from 18 to twenty-eight February 1974.

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A: So there is a concurrent activity. Not one of us making a statement, the other thinking about it and then saying, ‘Well, I agree, I don’t agree, I accept, I don’t accept, and these are the reasons I don’t accept, and these are the reasons I do’, but we are walking together. K: On the same road, with the same attention, with the same intensity, at the same time, otherwise there is no communication. A: Exactly. K: Communication implies that we are walking together, we are thinking together, we are observing together, sharing together at the same level, at the same time, with the same intensity.

A: I have the feeling, and I hope I have understood you correctly, that there is a relationship between the starkness of this necessity and the fact that there cannot be a gradual progress. But nevertheless there is some demonic progress that takes place within this disorder that is not so much a progress as a proliferation of the same. Necessarily so. Is that what you have been saying? K: Yes. You know I was told the other day that the word ‘progress’ meant entering into an enemy’s country fully armed.

Virtue is a creative thing, is a living thing, is a moving thing. A: If I am following you correctly, what you are really saying is that the ability to act in the strict sense must be creative, otherwise it’s not action but simply reaction. K: A repetition. A: A repetition. The ability to act, or virtue, as you put it, bears with it necessarily the implication of order. It must. It seems to me there’s no way out of that. K: Yes. So can I come back? In human relationship as it exists now there is conflict, sexual violence and so on and so on, every kind of violence.

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