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Agentive nouns in Bafut are formed by prefixing a homorganic nasal consonant to a verb root. This nominalization prefix in the category (i) nouns is similar in form and behavior to the prefix of ordinary class 9 nouns while that of category (ii) nouns is similar to the prefix of ordinary class 1b nouns. The verb root can be transitive or intransitive. In the former case, the object of the verb root obligatorily accompanies the derived noun except in cases where the object is directly implied in the meaning of the verb.

B. c. d. e. f. g. h. i. j. µMRE V ¶ k. k-k†† µFDse(s) (law l. k"&yÓy' µPXVKURRP V ¶ . µDQW V ¶ n. k"(-m' µVKRRW V  RI o. k-lÂ1 SDOP V ¶ p. &`b' µFOLII V ¶ µKHDUW V ¶ q. im' µQHFN V ¶ r. y1' s. k"1#`)m' µJXQ V ¶ t. k-s`¶b "song(s)" "bed(s)" "name(s)" "night(s)" µODGGHU V ¶ "mouth(s)" µIDUP V ¶ µEXG\RXQJ VKRRW V ¶ "tail(s)" "rope(s)" (iii) Gender 5/6 (body parts and assorted nouns) (25) a. /k"+0³·%Ü"+0³·' µDUP V ¶ b. k"(0Ñ' µQRVH V ¶ c. ¯Ó¯' µKLS V ¶ d. e. f. g. h. i. j. k-¦dÓd' µWRRWKWHHWK¶ µOHJ V ¶ µQDYHO V ¶ µFKHVW V ¶ µZLQJ V ¶ µEXWWRFN V ¶ µMDZ V ¶ k.

C. d. e. f. "f1)5Ä g. 3. Sex gender Sex gender is not a grammatical feature of Bafut. That is to say, the fact that any particular noun may indicate a masculine, feminine, common or neuter idea is not in any way reflected in the morphology of the noun. Nevertheless, the idea of sex-gender in the nouns in Bafut may be conveyed in several ways. The most common way is to use a descriptive possessive expression indicating masculine or feminine immediately preceding the generic or common word. This method is often employed to derive animal names where the descriptive possessive translates URXJKO\DV³ZLIHRI«KXVEDQGRI«´6RPHH[DPSOHVRIQRXQVLn this group are: (22) a.

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