By Melody Thomas

An obsession that blooms into scandal

Since early life, Ryan Donally cherished Rachel Bailey, notwithstanding the intense, attractive lass observed him as simply one other rowdy boy. The years pulled them aside, wearing Rachel to a spot of accountability and appreciate few ladies of her time loved . . . whereas Ryan ascended to undreamed-of heights of wealth and good fortune, and certain his center to another.

Now destiny has introduced them jointly as soon as again—and Rachel sees no longer the boy she as soon as spurned, yet a panoramic guy she wants. but Ryan has moved on and is unwilling to forgive, and Rachel hides a mystery disgrace which may wreck every little thing she has labored for. Then, in a single second of unrestrained ardour, the partitions among them tumble, and the associated fee they have to pay is a wedding neither can find the money for. yet will a sensuous hearth too-long resisted carry tragedy . . . or will it forge an excellent and timeless love?

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When she heard no response, she carefully opened the door. Sheer draperies billowed gently, and Rachel could see the lake behind his house. Honeysuckle filtered through the other essence Rachel breathed, leaving no doubt in her mind the masculine inhabitant of these chambers. She moved farther into the room. A kneeling bronze Venus sat on one of the console tables that flanked each side of the four-poster tester bed. Ryan lay on his stomach, his head resting on one arm pillowed beneath his cheek.

I have a feasibility team,” she said with an emphasis on I. “Besides, this job is in David’s parish,” she hedged. ” “He didn’t put me up to anything. ” She held the project report in her hand, but Ryan didn’t take it. A lock of hair fell over his forehead. ” Despite his unwillingness, he took the report and thumbed through the papers. The clock behind her ticked away the seconds. She studied her silk sleeve. Pretended interest in the carpet. “Allan Marrow’s name isn’t on this report,” he finally said.

His amused gaze slid over her face and down her boy’s shirt. ” He flopped on his back and scraped a palm over his jaw. He was laughing, she realized, gaping at him. He opened one eye as if it hurt to look at her. She’d shocked him. She’d never shocked him before, and she watched him, the two fencing foils in her hand lowered to her side. The sheet barely covered his lap, drawing her eyes downward to his hard belly. He was so beautiful, unquestionably male—more potently sexual than she was used to dealing with in those men who surrounded her in her day-to-day life.

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