By Ray Spangenburg; Kit Moser

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Scientists were disappointed by images from quickly realized that if Voyager They they wanted to track weather patterns within Saturn's atmosphere, they would have to photograph the planet more This close-up of Saturn's clouds, taken by Voyager shows 1. their varied and complex 7, structure. i frequently. So by the time Voyager 2 arrived had made some adjustments As a result, when a to the spacecrafts Voyager 2 captured few months later, they imaging equipment. close-up images of Saturn's northern hemisphere, there was clear evidence of weather patterns that no one had ever seen circular before.

SftTU They In this Hubble Space Telescope image, Saturn's aurorae appear as bright areas near the planet's poles. THE GOLDEN GLOBE 4 I As on Earth, aurorae on Saturn occur when charged particles from the planet's magnetosphere collide with particles in the solar wind. bombardment causes Saturn's gases to glow with ultraviolet radiation. Unfortunately, the incredible light shows viewers on Earth because our radiation. The planet's on Saturn cannot be seen by atmosphere absorbs ultraviolet However, Hubble, orbiting high above Earth's atmosphere, can catch the sensational displays and photograph them.

Heavily pitted. Their surfaces all have not been smoothed or resurfaced for a very long time, but Enceladus has no scars or pockmarks. craters, but most of its surface Why is is The little moon does have a few composed of broad, smooth plains. Enceladus so different from Saturn's other moons? could have happened to moon, smoothing over it? Some on this little filling in the deep process has intervened the cracks and ridges and What gouges and craters that must once have been there. Enceladus has had a facelift, but Two no one knows possibilities away and seem exactly likely.

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