By Erica Reiner

The aim of this examine is to provide a considerable a part of the corpus of the Akkadian language within the type of a grammar. This grammar has approximately the subdivisions general within the box of Assyriology, yet its association has profited from the grammatical versions and outlines developed in present linguistic learn.

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A cluster of /C:/ in final position or preceding another consonant behaves differently from a cluster of CjCj, for example \/dan: = /da:n/, \/dan:-t = /dan:at/, but ^/lazz = /laziz/, \/lazz-t = /lazizt-/. 2. 2. , of the symbol /:/, is that of a consonant. In other words, /:/ behaves like a consonant, and hence forms a cluster with a preceding or following consonant. This will be exemplified in the following. 1. Occurring clusters. 4), it can be stated that 44 PHONOTACTICS no consonant cluster occurs in either initial or final position, and that no cluster of more than two consonants occurs intervocalically.

Between/a/and/e/: No certain attestations. 13. Between/i/and/e/: No certain attestations. 3. Notation of syllable boundary. Since we have established that the morphophoneme {:} or "syllable boundary" is always present between two dissimilar vowels, there should be no need for indicating this in our transcription (and especially not after the haphazard and inconsistent fashion of Assyriologists who sometimes do and sometimes do not insert an ? , would suffice to account for the morphographemic spellings li-ia-ab-bit, li-P-ab-bit, and li-a-ab-bit.

P H O N E M E S The literary (also the OB) dialect of Akkadian has the following phonemes: the stops /b, p, d, t, t, g, k, q/, the spirants /z, s, s, S, 1)/, the sonants /m, n, r, 1/, the vowels /a, e, u, i/. : "Die neuen Beispiele lassen sich ohne die Annahme eines gesprochenen / in bestimmten Fällen im späten Sumerischen wie im Akkadischen schwer erklären" (W. von Soden, AfO, 18, 120; cf. id. ). 3. * The phonemes transcribed t, q, and s are the so-called "emphatics", phonetically either velarized or pharyngealized stops and spirants.

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