By Alec Ellis and G. Chandler (Auth.)

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During the 18th century, secondary education reached its lowest ebb and there developed a preference for private tutors for middle-class children. K. introduced lending libraries into national and parochial schools from 1831. , and encouraged the formation of libraries by grants of books to the value of £5, on condition that an equal sum was raised by each school. K. had established 2438 such libraries in England, and 33 in Wales. S. issued an address to the public "on the subject of the formation of libraries in schools" in 1832, and in that year began a scheme of library grants to all "well recommended cases", so that by 1849 grants had been received by 3108 libraries in Great Britain and Ireland.

5 o . . Arithmetic. The Intellectual Calcu­ By J. T. long Ditto . been among the most and W. Martin, lator useful Officers of the British and Foreign School Society, and the book is generally adopt­ ed both in British and in other Schools. 1 First Book of Arithmetic By the Commis­ Printing demy sioners of National Education in Ire­ land. Λ Treatise on Arithmetic Ditto , . Ditto . # Elements of Book-keepDitto ♦ . Ditto . Qramma r and Etymology —continued. The Pupil's Guide to By G. Manson · j English Etymology Size of Paper on which it is printed.

Key to ditto . . Ditto , . First Lessons in Practical Arithmetic Ditto . . Key to ditto · · · · Lessons on Arithmetic By James Trotter for Junior Classes Part 2 Parti 4 lBmo 5* 18 shts. 8vo. . . . 1 fcp. 4to. None 1 fcp. 4to. None None None 1 S 18 · None , · None in. in. 13X7$ S. pica and bourg, None . {Various Bourg. & minion Brevier . 318 Various , Bourg, and brev. Bourgeois Brevier . Long Primer 108 Bourgeois, &o. n . 212 Ditto . · A * . Various . 72 88 Long primer . Ditto . 0 0 0 Not bound .

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