By Casey Daniels

What occurred to named Lucy one evening in 1966 after a Beatles live performance? She rushed the level, kissed Paul, all started domestic along with her pals, and used to be by no means obvious again-until cemetery consultant and accidental PI to the lifeless Pepper Martin sees her as a ghost. Lucy's spirit cannot leisure in peace till her physique is located and buried. yet how will Pepper tune down a lacking corpse after forty-five years?

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Janice moaned. 舡 Bobby jumped out of his seat. While we舗d been busy talking, the rapid had arrived at a stop. Bobby, Darren, Will, and Janice lived near each other, and this was where they all got off. 舠See you later, alligators,舡 Bobby said. Janice walked by without another word. Will slid past Darren. He gave me a smile before he went to the door, and all I could do was hope he didn舗t hold being called Little One against me. Darren lingered a little longer. But then, maybe a guy like Darren was used to things moving on his schedule,Ševen rapid trains.

Ella, you know I would have come over. You know I would have helped you look. 舡 舠I should have. Of course I should have. You舗ve certainly proven yourself over and over again, Pepper. You have a way with mysteries. You should have been the first person I asked for help. But really舰舡 A fresh cascade of tears started, and Ella didn舗t even try to wipe them away. They trickled down her cheeks and plopped into her mug. 舠I wasn舗t thinking straight,舡 she admitted. 舠I was trying. Oh, I was trying so hard to be logical and unemotional andŠsensible.

Whatever style points I gave her went right down the tubes with that fashion faux pas. Unless the girl was actually trying to look like a throwback to the flower power sixties. Or if she was dead. Dang! I gave myself a mental slap. I should have picked up on the whole dead thing right away. And not just because nothing says resting but not in peace like retro clothing and out-of-date makeup, but because the people standing in the aisle shivered when she passed. See, as anybody who舗s ever gotten too close knows, the dead are sort of their own little freeze machines.

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