By William H. Baxter

A instruction manual of previous chinese language Phonology is the traditional reference for the reconstruction of outdated chinese language, i.e. the language of the pre-Qin interval.

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The traditional term for mis class is cl qfng {XlfI 'second clear'. y. (palatali· zation) or ·r· (retroflexion). ) The voiceless aspirated initials nonnally have voiceless aspirated reflexes in modem dialects. 3. Voiced. The ttaditionallenn for voiced obstruents is quan zhuO ~iI 'full muddy'. , dz' -, elc. There is little evidence for this aspiration, however, and I foUow LI R6ng (1956) and others in representing these initials as simply voiced. The voiced initials have lost their voicing in most modem dialects, becoming aspiraled or unaspirated according to tone and dialect.

Because the number of available symbols is limited, letters are used to represenl features which Karlgren represented with diacritics. For example, -y. is used as a general sign for palatalization: Karlgren's palatal f· is written sy•. 4. All syllables in the same QiiyUn rhyme are written with the same main vowel. The converse is not true: syllables found in different Qityun rhymes do not necessarily have different main vowels. For example, $t xian < sen 'first' and ~W xidn. < sjen 'immortal', cited above, are written with the main vowel ~-, even though they are in different Qiiyun rhymes, because they rhyme in sur dynasty poetry.

2. Secondary features of articulation in initials are represented by letters rather than diacritics. Thus -y- represents palatal aniculation: sy. is equiva· lent to Karlgren's s-, and so on. Similarly, -r- represents retroflex articulation, and serves the function of Karlgren's subscript dot. 27 3. When a palatal initial spelled with -y- occurs with a final whose first letter is normally -j-, the -j- is omitted: thus the syllable consisting of the initial tsy- plus the final -jang is written as tsyang, not lsyjang.

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