By Stefan Dienst

Amazonia is linguistically hugely varied sector with a variety of underdocumented, usually heavily endangered languages. This paintings is a reference grammar of an Amazonian language spoken within the rainforests of Brazil and Peru. The publication presents a finished perception into the grammatical constitution of Kulina, in an effort to be of significant price to linguistic typologists and anyone attracted to indigenous languages of South the United States.

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3 Dictionaries and wordlists Besides their work on Kulina grammar, Monserrat and Silva compiled a small dictionary (Silva and Monserrat 1984), which includes several hundred Kulina names. Rivet and Tastevin (1938a, 1938b, 1939, 1940) contain data from several Kulina wordlists collected by Tastevin, some of them from non-indigenous people who had some knowledge of the language. Carvalho (1931) contains a wordlist collected by the author. 4 Historical linguistics and language contact Dixon (1999) is an overview of the language family with a reconstruction of the phonology of the proto-language.

Apart from Portuguese loans, only the following words beginning with /r/ occur in my data. rami rasho rerede ria narobo rohi and romi ‘ayahuasca (a vine and a hallucinogenic drink made from it)’ ‘plant species’ ‘insect species’ ‘to swing’ ‘lizard species’ ‘vocatives for pet titi monkeys’ Rerede ‘insect species’ has the form of an agent noun and is likely to be derived from an onomatope *re, describing the sound made by the insect. 1). Rami ‘ayahuasca’ is likely to be a loan from a Panoan language (cf.

G. in [zo̜wato ~ zo̜ato] ‘girl’ and [pho̜wi ~ pho̜i] ‘hammock’, it is not obvious if it is to be interpreted as underlying /oV/ or /owV/. Brought to you by | New York University Bobst Library Technical Services Authenticated Download Date | 7/26/15 9:57 PM 30 Phonetics and phonology The original underlying form may have been /oV/ in some cases and /owV/ in others, but since nothing indicates that such a distinction exists in the modern language, a uniform phonological representation for all morpheme-internal occurrences of [o̜V ~ o̜wV] is appropriate.

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