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The monuments also prove that the vulture represented the sky or upper region, the same as upper Egypt (Champ. Egypt. , p. 355 ; Rosetta Inscription, Ime 10). The Hebrew confirms the various significations given to the vulture. The word cni rhem, the vulture, is thus called says Geseniua, on account of its kindness to its young;* in fact, the same word nm rhem, is the verb to love, having relation particularly to the love of parents for their offspring this name also designates maternity and the feminine gender, it signifies the uterus, woman, and young girl.

Iliervzo'icon, H APPLICATION TO 36 The symbolic signification given by Horapollo -to the consecrated by the proverbs of Solomon. There be four tilings which are little uyoii the earth, but they are ant is exceeding wise; the ants are a people not strong, yet they prepare their meat in the summer, etc. (Proverbs xxx. ) FROG. The frog, according to luiforined man. Horapollo (I. 25), represents M. ^ This symbol is one of those that serve to identify in the most unequivocal manner Egyptian Cosmogony and Initiation, since, on one hand, on the monuments deci[)hered by Champollion, the frog represents chaos, or primal matter, wet and without form, and, on the other, according to Horapollo, the frog is the symbol of unformed man.

As in Egyptian, the ostrich is the symbol of a sentence ofjustice, and of a testhnony of truth; let us add that the name of the goddess of justice and truth, Thme, in Hebrew justice and truth, nr\ thm or n^riTHME, same time at the in Hebrew signifies i7ttegritas and a^d-eia. Poetically, the Hebrew name of the ostrich is fisa^ word also signifies a song ofjoy, qfjiraise, and, according to Champollion, happy souls, their heads orna- RNNE ; this ostrich Jeather, and under the inspection of the lord of the heart's joy, gathered fruits from celestial trees (Letters from Egypt, p.

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