Dallas Cowboys Player Rankings Who Stays,Chris Hogan Jersey Who Goes The Cowboys have 18 players who could become free agents this year, plus two restricted free agents. But those are not the only players the Cowboys will have to take a decision on.Michael Bennett Jersey There are players still under contract who might not play out their contract in Dallas, might get an early extension, or could even be traded.Sean Davis Jersey Making the right calls on who to retain and who to let go may be some of the most important personnel decisions the front office and coaching staff will make in the coming weeks. I have no insight into how those decisions are made behind closed doors at Valley Ranch, and what kind of grading system the Cowboys use to arrive at their choices.Jeremy Hill Jersey But that hasn't stopped us in the past from trying to do a similar job here on BTB, as we've tried to quantify and assess the Cowboys performances of the previous season. The way we've done that in previous years (you may also want to look at the same data for the 2011 team,Daryl Washington Jersey the 2012 team, the 2013 team, or the 2014 team to get a better feel for how the team has developed over the years) is by looking at how the individual Cowboys players have performed relative to other players at their positions across the NFL.C.J. Anderson Jersey In the past, we used positional rankings based on the Pro Football Focus player grades to run this exercise. PFF no longer provides individual player grades.Darren McFadden Jersey Instead, they've now begun looking at where a given player is ranked relative to the other players in the league at his position. So instead of showing individual grades,Andre Williams Jersey they now show where a player is ranked relative to his peers on a scale of 0 - 100, with 100 being the best score and zero the worst. PFF divide their results into five tiers,Julius Peppers Jersey the top two of which I've combined into one, so that I have four quartiles as summarized in the table below. Most of the players on this list have a limited snap count because they are backups at their position.Stephen Hill Jersey And for a list of backups, these are pretty good results overall. It's good to see players like Brice Butler, Lance Dunbar, Randy Gregory, and David Irving grade out well, as these are players we expect to get significantly more snaps next year.